This is a gallery to showcase my Web Design skills. I hard code CSS 3 and HTML 5, and more recently have been working with WordPress. Its simplicity cuts out long coding sessions, and makes things a bit easier.

GraveYard Mafia

GraveYard Mafia is a local Zakk Wylde tribute rock band that I recently finished developing a WordPress based site for. The site uses WooCommerce as a plug in to allow for an online shop, and the site is on the Storefront theme. In addition to building the site I also did some photography of the band, and shot the pictures of the merchandise to go on the shop once the band is ready to take orders.


Townelink is a mobile and web based app that I have been working with my friend Kenny Lykins. It’s an app to be used by citizens and their local governments to identify and fix issues i.e. potholes, downed trees etc. I worked on the web app coding CSS and HTML. I also co-designed the logo, the colors of the app, and designed our tri-fold brochures.

Townelink web app screenshot

Sound Bites Nutrition

Sound Bites Nutrition is the home of local dietician Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, LD. I recently redesigned her WordPress website and still update it as needed.